The History of Morning Star Inc. 

In 2003, Stan W. as well as 3 others had attended a recovery conference held at Wichita State University where they discussed the possibility of a CRO located here in Manhattan, KS. With the assistance from WSU, Stan was able to write the first grant.


In 2004 Morning Star had received its first grant and with the help of those funds Richard S. was hired on as Executive director of Morning Star Inc. Richard was the only staff to hold down the fort being open 3 days a week for 3 hours each day with only 18 members. During that time, the CRO was held at the community center for those 3 days a week. 


Though the years 2004 - 2006 were the hardest for the CRO due to the stigma on mental illness, the membership ratio had gone up from 18 to nearly 30 members.


In 2007, Breia B. became the assistant executive director and the only extra staff working at the CRO besides Richard. Because Breia was there to help along with the increased funds, Morning Star Inc. was able to stay open 6 days a week from 1-7p.m.


From 2007 - 2017 membership had increased rapidly to a varied 130 members and was open 6 days a week. Because of the membership growth, monetary size had tripled in growth.


10 Years after first opening, the CRO is able to expand our community resources through the help of our member volunteers and hard working staff as well as our board of directors.