Code of Conduct

Your safety while in our CRO is very important to us. We would like to inform you of the codes we put in place so all of our members can safely reach recovery.


​The CRO reserves the right to involve the law to protect its members if necessary. 

Last Updated November 16, 2019

Morning Star, Inc.


Why: To create a safe and supportive environment at Morning Star, Inc.

How: Morning Star honors and respects people's dignity and human rights. In order to protect these, Morning Star, at times, might need to involve outside entities.

  1. Serious Offenses:

     a. Drugs and Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages on the premises. The CRO is a drug and alcohol free environment.              No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to stay. Staff and board members have the                    right to ask individuals who violate this rule to leave the premises.

     b. Sex abuse/harassment: Sexual abuse or harassment will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:              inappropriate remarks, inappropriate attire, or inappropriate behavior (i.e. no romantic hugging or kissing).                No non-consensual touching or public displays of affection.

     c. Harassment: Degrading, violent, aggressive, or offensive language is not permitted.

     d. The consequences for breaking these rules 1.a.-1.d. are as follows:

          -1st Offense: One month suspension.

          -2nd Offense: 3 month suspension.

          -3rd Offense: Revocation of membership for life.

      Note: Any of the above consequences can be invoked based upon the seriousness of the offense. The CRO                  reserves the right to involve law enforcement in the protection of members.

Why: Establish and maintain mutual respect. We recognize that all members of Morning Star, Inc. have mental health challenges and are expected to honor and respect the rights of all individuals.


  1. Clean-up:

     a. Everyone is expected to clean up after himself or herself. Those who clean up after others will be rewarded.                The activity coordinator will record a "V" behind their name on the attendance sheet. Three "Vs" in one month            earns participation in special volunteer recognition event.

  2. Being Considerate:

     a. Before playing the radio, members should gain permission of the majority of those in the main room. If the                  majority agrees that a member is playing the radio too loud, the member will reduce the volume of the                          activity.

     b. The majority in the TV room will decide what to watch, except during sports or video night.

     c. Do not smoke in the recovery center or in front of the entrance doorway and use the containers for cigarette                butts.

     d. Appropriate attire will be worn at the peer to peer recovery center. Revealing or inappropriate clothing will                  not be allowed.

     e. Games: People will take their turn playing games. People will be polite and show respect and pay attention to            the game. No one will be forced to play with someone who does not act appropriately.

     f. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated. Examples include but are not limited to: Being intrusive verbally,           bugging people who do not want to visit with you, bugging people for rides. No one has an obligation to give               anyone a ride to or from the CRO.

     g. No loaning or borrowing at the CRO, inside or outside of the building. This includes cigarettes, pop, and/or                  money.

     h. All personal information, conversations, and actions of members while at Morning Star, Inc. are private and                confidential. If I do not keep this information confidential I will be suspended from Morning Star, Inc.

      i. Consequences for breaking rules 2.a.-2.h. will be as follows:

          -1st Offense: The member will be reminded of the rule.

          -2nd Offense: The member will be excused from the CRO for the day, on the same day.

          -3rd Offense: Repeat offenses may result in suspension or termination as determined by the Board.

  3. The CRO is for socialization; we recognize that, at times, conflicts can occur and we ask that conflicts among             members be taken outside of the organization to a conflict resolution entity or speak with a therapist, family,             or another peer group. 

  4. Any time a member is excused because of rule violation they are responsible for the cost of their own                             transportation home.