Volunteer Opportunities


As a member of Morning Star Inc. you are able to receive volunteer hours for coming in and helping out around the CRO. We appreciate our volunteers so much that we celebrate their efforts with a party in the middle of every month. 


The CRO offers a variety of classes, such as sewing and empowerment, and your participation as either a class member or instructor is highly encouraged. Please contact us via whatever method is convenient to get involved.

Light cleaning:

Our CRO has quite a few members and very busy staff. With the help of our volunteers we can work together to keep the building clean and welcoming for new members. Wiping down tables and vacuuming are always well appreciated.



Our staff is very busy and not able to reach everything. We have lots of different groups and services provided here at Morning Star Inc. so things can get scattered just like our brains. Organization and little projects can help our staff tremendously.